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The Book

Breastfeeding Grief – Hope for Healing

Cover Soft CroppedBreastfeeding challenges can lead mothers to feel overwhelmed by emotions such as sadness, anger, self-blame, regret, anxiety, and loss of confidence. These difficult, entangled emotions are not at all unusual, yet mothers often feel alone, as though they are the only ones feeling this way.

Breastfeeding challenges double a mother’s risk of postpartum depression. Suffering mothers deserve to receive understanding, compassion, and also therapy when needed, but at present, very little appropriate support is available.

Hilary Jacobson is an ACHE certified clinical hypnotherapist, the author of “Mother Food,” and a specialist for low milk supply. The approach she offers has helped many mothers recover their confidence and joy.

The Book

The book Healing Breastfeeding Grief is available on both as a printed book and kindle.

An Online Support Group

Hilary has formed a Facebook Group, also named Healing Breastfeeding Grief, where mothers can share their healing journeys, and practice the healing modalities described in Hilary’s book.

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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hilary offers one-on-one sessions in person, via phone or Skype. Use the contact form to receive more information.

Online Courses and Presentations

Hilary Jacobson gives  online courses to mothers and to professionals such as doulas, lactation consultants, therapists and hypnotherapists. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates on courses, free events and new publications.